Welcome to Westside Church of Redding

Westside Church of Redding is an Evangelical Free congregation located in the foothills of West Redding.  Our worship service offers sound Biblical teaching, a blended / contemporary music style and wonderful opportunities for fellowship.
Westside Church of Redding is a caring, friendly church home.  We pride ourselves in being a warm, loving congregation. We are small enough to know you, but large enough to serve you.  So whether you have grown up in church, or if you have never been to a church in your life, you are welcome here. As we like to say, “At Westside Church, the Cross makes us family.”  Please join us!

Watch Our Latest Sermon

The Big Idea: The work of mercy is always lawful (even on the Sabbath). We invite you to join us as we continue our study of the book of Matthew in our series, “Discovering King Jesus.” Today we look at three exemptions God allows in relation to the law and works on the Sabbath.